Address Quality Support

Proposed Approach and Services

Overview:  Charter Communications desires to improve address quality on multiple levels, to include but not limited to; validating the physical location of service location; maintaining a standard format (i.e. Coding Accuracy Support System/CASS); and validating mailable or deliverable address status. Teams affected by address issues include Marketing, Field Ops, Customer Care (Serviceability), Billing Operations, Phone, and Government Affairs.

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Basic Requirements

Template creation and updates are currently in progress; data is currently being housed in an excel spreadsheet but would be migrated to a database and accessible through application. Application would be developed and supported.

Phase 1 - Initial Areas of Focus (October through December):

  1. Establishing measurable quality metric (Scorecard)
    1. Defining a scoring system
    2. Establish a baseline score for addresses currently
    3. Track updates by record and change type – measure actual number of addresses changed, added, or removed.
    4. Take snapshot of data in the event scoring metrics are changed
  2. Near term targeted efforts (Quick Wins)
    1. Identify patterns of quality gaps that can be processed in an automated or semi-automated fashion
    2. Identify, acquire and track resources not currently in use (i.e. Assessor data, Building Permits, Mailable Address Resources)
    3. Develop foundation for intake system of problem addresses.
    4. Maintain and Update database structure and templates as learning curve improves
  3. Manual research – rolling up the sleeves
    1. Identifying vacant lots
    2. MDU Research
    3. High Growth Area research
    4. Assessor data online
  4. Process Development
    1. Identify repeatable processes from near term efforts
    2. Identify repeatable processes from manual efforts
    3. Identify opportunities for automation (feeds from data sources, reporting dashboards, or integrated address GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Phase 2 – Ongoing Areas of Focus (January 2023):

Tiger Team (Initial Areas of Focus)

Management Team

  • Jason Wilcox - VP of Operations
  • Erin Wyld - Director of Spatial Solutions
  • Sonia Baness - Business Process Manager
  • Corey Walker - President

GIS Team/Research Analysts

  • Spatial Analysts (six resources)
  • GIS Analysts (four resources)
  • Address Analyst (TBD)

Development and Configuration

  • Brainspire Team (Currently Five Developers)
  • Erin Wyld – Director of Spatial Solution

Data Processing Effort:  Phase 1

Management Level Hours – 480 hrs @ $120 - $57,600

GIS Team/Research Hours – 1,440 hrs @ $85 - $122,400

Development Effort:  TBD


Data Acquisition Costs:  TBD

Total Estimated Costs - TBD


Address Quality Discussion – 9/8/22

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